Member Benefits


    • Community Papers of Michigan, (CPM) is an association representing free publications of general interest throughout the state.
    • CPM actively works with advertising agencies on behalf of our members on zoned or regional placements of classified, display and pre-print advertising.
    • Membership in CPM is open to any publication that publishes at least twelve times per year on a regular basis.  Publications must be home-delivered free of charge, (with the exception of University Newspapers.) All applications for membership must be approved by CPM’s Board of Directors.
    • Dues are paid annually – Contact the CPM Office for details.
    • Circulation Verification Council (CVC) Audits are available to all new members at our low association cost. Contact CPM Office for details.
    • Our members are listed on the PaperChain  website.  PaperChain  represents and promotes Free Community Publications.  PaperChain provides many opportunities for advertising agencies to find our association and your publication as part of our association for advertising opportunities.  If you are an audited member of Community Papers of Michigan, your company will have a listing on Kantar Media’s Standard Rate and Data Service,(SRDS) website, which is made possible by PaperChain.  The SRDS website and printed materials are the #1 source that media buyers search to find suitable media for their client’s needs.
    • CPM is also a member of the two largest national associations in the community paper industry, AFCP and IFPA.  You have the ability and are encouraged to attend National Conferences hosted by both of these associations, as they are the best in the industry.
    • As a CPM member, your company is listed on CPM’s website,, with direct links to your publication’s website.
    • Your company is encouraged to take part in all CPM has to offer.
    • Revenue opportunities from selling our Michigan Megamarket  State-wide classified network:  Each member who sells a $249.00, 25-word MegaMarket ad keeps $60 and sends $189 to CPM.  We issue a rebate at the end of each year (Sometimes a mid-year rebate as well), to partially offset the cost of running the MegaMarket ads throughout the year.  Rebates are paid to participating MegaMarket publications that have met the criteria throughout the year;   Our pre-print network is our newest state-wide sales initiative and will afford additional pre-print sales opportunities for your company.  You may have already been included in a membership-wide or large DMA or Geographic display advertising buy that was orchestrated by our office.

Additional Revenue Opportunities:  We encourage all members to take part in the buys we put together to strengthen our association, provide additional revenue opportunities for your company and promote the community paper industry. Each publisher has the right to refuse any buy as we will not undermine any buy you may already have in place.

  • Networking:  You will gain much insight by networking with fellow Owners, Publishers, GM’s and Advertising Directors of free publications across the state.
  • A monthlynewsletter to all members.  This newsletter contains association news, state and regional industry information and solid sales and production tips.  Our newsletter is also featured on CPM’s website  and CVC’s (Circulation Verification Council) website at  You are encouraged to submit items for inclusion in this newsletter.
  • CPM is your association.  We exist as a support to you, our members.  With your help CPM will continue to grow which will allow us to offer additional membership benefits that will help your business do more business!

If you are already a CPM Member – We Thank You!
If you are considering joining CPM – We Welcome You!

For more information on becoming a member, Please contact:

Jack Guza
800.783.0267 Ext. 1